Andy Gibson is a writer, entrepreneur and consultant specialising in innovation and social change. He helps organisations innovate and change through Sociability, founded the “5-a-day for your mind” campaign, Mindapples and co-founded the education web start-up, the School of Everything. His businesses have won awards from the Cabinet Office, the New Statesman and Downing Street, and in 2010 Wired Magazine named him the 78th most influential person in UK technology - although they changed their minds again the following year.

His most recent book, A Mind for Business, was published by Pearson in February 2015 and shares practical insights from psychology and neuroscience on making the most of your mind at work. His previous written works include Social by Social, the UK's first major guide to using social media for social good, and the influential local government innovation pamphlet, Local by Social.

Andy speaks internationally and has trained thousands of people to work smarter and more sustainably. In the past decade he has advised many of the world's top organisations on innovation and business performance, including most of the major investment banks, News UK & Ireland, L'Oreal, PwC, the Wellcome Trust, the RSA and the NSPCC. He's also a former Trustee and councillor at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Andy used to be a historian, but he drifted. He's gradually realising that studying the history of periods of rapid social and technological change is the ideal preparation for navigating the swirling waters of the information age.

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