Trying ideas out and sharing what works.

We work on practical projects in social enterprise and social impact, which means when we advise clients we're talking from our own experience. Some of our work has been delivering innovation projects on our clients' behalf, but these days we focus more on supporting people to deliver projects themselves, by helping them think through what they want to achieve and building a practical plan to get there.


Innovation comes in many forms, but we can help your staff harness their creativity, and turn their ideas into practical opportunities.

We can help you generate new product ideas, co-design processes and make sense of the opportunities around you. We can also help you and your staff apply these principles yourselves.


Whether you're launching a product or building​ a movement, we can help you distil the essence of your idea and communicate it across a range of new and traditional channels.

We have many years' experience crafting messages that stick and building campaigns that last - for our own projects and for our clients.


Good strategy can motivate staff and help organisations prioritise. We have two decades of experience of delivering strategic consultancy that creates commercial and social value. 

From digital innovation to inclusive leadership, we can help you align your priorities to your business goals and create organisations that thrive.